[Spoilers] Grimm S01 E08 & E09

01x08 - Game Ogre

Definitely the weakest episode so far. Hank was an annoying bitch. But gosh, how awesome is this episode's title??? XD

[Translation] Lair Land updates

There isn't much to update tho.. ;>

Found a few people who are willing to translate, which I am very happy and grateful about, so translation is progressing smoothly.

Thanks to nekoyasha extracting and inserting is working just like it should. Text doesn't need any formatting besides taking care of where to put breaks... which I didn't, as you can see in the screenshots. The text is also very unedited and not final at all. 

Inserting edited images is no problem either, so the translation is progressing.... slowly but steady. ;>

I won't update much more until every image is translated and a menu patch can be made, so unless I run ino some trouble and need to seek for help again, I probably won't mention much more about the translation here or elsewhere. From my experience, that's always the best way to go about such a project. :>

But since I finally saw the new Lost Girl episode yesterday I might do a rant about that later. Yeah, I know, that's just what everyone was hoping for. ;)


[Translation] Lair Land


While I am very eager to kick off a translation on this wonderful game (more info on it on my previous post), there's this one problem: I don't know any Chinese and I don't know anyone who speaks Chinese either. Now if this game was in Japanese, there wouldn' be much of a problem, as everyone and their mother is learning Japanese nowadays, but the only thing that is Japanese in this game is the voices and those cover only 1/5 of the game. Or even less.

Anyways. Hacking on the game is simple enough (at least for Mr. super awesome programming dude NekoYasha [And since i'm talking about him, let me also tell you about his awesome translation of Period, which you can find here.]) and all images and text files that need a translation are already extracted and just waiting to get into the hands of an awesome translator.

And that means you, you Chinese speaking super nice person, who's reading this right now. :>

To get an overview about what needs to be done, let me explain a little:

[Spoilers] Sherlock S02 E03

The awesome thing about Sherlock is, that each episode surpasses the previous one. I started thinking after the second episode of the first season that it couldn't get better anymore. But then I saw the third one and it left me speechless. (I regained my words quickly again and started cursing at my TV, desperate to know how it continues after that massive cliffhanger.)

I don't know how true to the original books each story is, as I've only seen a few of the animated Sherlock Holmes movies and the hollywood one with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, I've yet to see the second one with them. But what I do know, is that Steve Moffat and Mark Gattis did an awesome job adapting the characters into modern times. The series is exciting and fun and at times so very, very sad.

"The Reichenbach Fall" was no exception. Moriarty is back again and more scheming than ever. He was actually really cool in this episode, I didn't take him much serious at first, he was just so silly and such a bitch. He was so over the top that it annoyed me. But this time he is so, so very evil. And Holmes, oh Holmes... he and Watson had such cute moments in this episode. And I loved to see Molly get some of Holmes attention... I really wonder what she did for him. 

And gosh, was it sad. And how I loved Moffat & Gattis for pulling the fake death just like with Irine again. (As I didn't know they had already announced a third season I really thought he was dead. orz) It somehow reminds me of the Doctor Who fake deaths of Rory tho... hopefully they won't overuse that element this time. ;>

I also wonder how Mycroft will make his big fail up to Holmes. And boy, I didn't know Mycroft was played by Gatiss. But he does a fabulous job at it! 

All in all the third season was quite the rollercoaster ride and I can't wait to get on another one. Sadly everyone is busy with filming other stuff so it will take another year again for the next season to come out. Sigh. 

But oh well, there is lots of other series I'm currently watching (Switched at Birth, Grimm, New Girl) and soon the new season of Lost Girl will start, I'm still not sure if I like the series, but Kenzi is the most awesome character ever! <3 She's just as quirky as Abbs from NCIS. Can't wait for more of that either... and after the summer, my beloved Doctor will return as well. And as soon as the PS Vita is released, I'll be plenty of distracted anyways. :>


Lair Land

Lair Land
Circle Ent.

In Lair Land, a Chinese Princess Maker clone, you take on the role of Hirol who is taking care of the mysterious Chilia. She was found unconscious during a fight against some dragonlike creatures, with no memory of who she is. The priest is convinced she was sent by the goddess and asks Hirol to take care of her, as he thinks how Chilia grows up will affect the fate of mankind.

The game was first released for PC in 2007, with Chinese text and Japanese voice overs (for a few scenes), later on it got ported to PSP by Arc System Works for the Japanese market. A new character and a few new extras where added. But the PSP port lacks the skip function of the PC game.

The game starts of with a pretty anime cutscene explaining how they met:


While everything is still rather unpolished, I finally got around to set my blog up. 

The header image is still not finished and my first try at pixel art, so tolerate it. :> 

This blog will be about me randomly ranting or reviewing things I like, this includes: 
- tv series 
- video games 
- anime 
- books 
- everything else 

I hope at least some will enjoy reading what I've got to say and I'm happy about any feedback 
(or designing help ;>) I can get, so feel free to comment. :)