There will be updates

Soon.. ish.

Done with my first play through Atelier Meruru - it's fucking adorable and SO addicting. It's good I didn't play the other games, since Meruru balances the micro-management extremely well with almost no parts where I got frustrated or annoyed (except for boss battles - but that's how it should be.), I actually liked the game so much, that I would have instantly started a New Game+ after I finished the game with the Good Ending (Took me around 50 hours in total). Now I want to get all of the endings. And fully develop the kingdom! And synthesize EVERYTHING with alchemy!

... too bad my Playstation 3 times are depending on my brother's whims. And now that he moved out of our mum's place I can't even sneakily occupy his PS3 while he's out when I'm visiting mum. Damn.

But I can have it next week, he promised. ;>

Well, while I've got no PS3 around I'm using the time to (finally) finish Hexyz Force, I'm on the last chapter of Cecilia's story and should be done in a few days. (I always play before going to bed and almost always fall asleep within 30 minutes, so I'm not making that much progress per day.. XD) The game is more fun than I expected (after reading a few negative reviews), but it's not really anything special. Pretty much standard RPG formula, stereotypical anime-fantasy characters and nothing too deep gameplay and story-wise. But still fun. I especially love that you can fast-forward the battles, that way I actually don't mind grinding a little more. I wish every game would have this feature.. :> (The only other game I remember playing that allowed to fast forward battles was Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4..)

I also finally got to buy the current Humble Indie Bundle - anyone who doesn't own these games, well, actually, even if you own them already: GET THIS BUNDLE! It's way too awesome to pass up on. You can gift it to someone else as well and make them happy! (I did that with the Botanicula-Bundle, birthday present for my mum <3) Bastion alone makes this bundle worth the money already.

Sooo then my bestie and I started playing Lone Survivor yesterday night and OMG, IT'S SUCH A FUCKING SCARY GAME! ...we kinda gave up after 45 minutes. SO CREEPY. Geez... but still, very, very awesome. I totally need to find someone who's not as easily scared as I am to play the game while I just sit next to them and ogle at the game's awesomeness. 8) Same goes for Watch Dogs, definitely my highlight of this year's otherwise extremely disappointing E3. I can't watch this trailer often enough:

(Watch it on full screen in HD!)

But I'm definitely too slow/dumb/inaccurate for the action game play sequences... 

Besides my avid gaming sessions I spent most of the past weeks working on my own game and it's slowly taking some form.

At least I've finally decided on a title for it and I hopefully will be able to officially announce the game soon. And show off some of the shit we made. Yey. :>

I'll also try and at least write up a Meruru review some time next week. :)