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I've been a little absent from the internet lately, busy with real life stuff and I've got to admit, mostly I was using all my free time to catch up on a few games I haven't been able to play before.

But with the Christmas holidays coming up I might even be able to review some of the games I've been playing lately. This list consists mostly of:

Puzzle Agent 1 & 2
Chaos on Deponia
(all of these were played together with J, as usual)

1931: Scheherazade
Don't Starve
FTL: Faster Than Light
Portal 2
King's Bounty: Crossworlds

Saturday I'll start playing GTA IV with J on my PS3 - we actually wanted to play it last weekend on my PC, but found out it got ridiculous CPU needs that my computer sadly can't fulfill (which results in lots of lag while driving - unbearable.). Luckily I got a friend with the PS3 version and since I recently bought a PS3 (which is actually a Birthday-/Christmas present for me and the little one (his bday is 4 days before, mine 10 days after Christmas, so that works out well for big presents.. :>))

Anyway. Expect some updates from my side the next couple weeks and maybe there might even finally be some info I can share on my own game as well. :)

In any case: Awesome holidays and everything to all of you for now! <3 p="p">


[Let's Talk] Multiplayer Games

Recently I've been trying lots of turn based multiplayer games, trying to find a few ones I can play with J when we don't have time to meet up and fulfill our point & click adventure urges. I've stumbled upon two games I found very worth mentioning:


So... Elementary.

I just saw the pilot episode of the upcoming CBS show Elementary and hell, I liked it. But I won't spoil the fun for you, so here's just my first impressions on the characters and overall feel of the show:


Sound Shapes

I'm usually staying away from platformers, as I really, really suck at them. But add some creative options, like making your own levels and composing music at the same time - oh well, I can't help but get curious...

And since the Vita hasn't seen much love and since I like to support indie developers.. and the game is 20% off for PS+ users, I just couldn't resist and pre-ordered it last week. 8) (It's also for both Vita & PS3, no matter which version you buy, you'll get the other as well.)

So on Tuesday the game was finally available to download and since then I've been spending quite a bit of time with it. And not just me, the little one is rather fond of it as well - which is just awesome, since he can go and do all the jumping and running to unlock more items and sounds, so I can fiddle around even more with the level creator.. ;>

But admittingly, the stages aren't actually that hard (at least not all the time) and there's no game over, you just respawn at your last checkpoint and merely have to collect the coins you gathered after the checkpoint again - luckily you can use the checkpoints again after picking up coins, so you won't lose them any more after dying. So all in all I am actually having a lot of fun with the platforming as well - which is mainly due to the awesome artwork and music in this little gem. 

                                                                          A few of the different stages
The level creation mode

Most of the levels feel more like an artsy interactive music video than just a platformer, especially Beck's "Cities" was a lot of fun to play through since everything was so perfectly synched to the song's rythmn and even after ten minutes (I died A LOT ;>) I didn't get bored of the song.. :)

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes artsy stuff, good music and doesn't hate platformers with a passion.. the 20% discount for PS+ still lasts til Tuesday as well! :)


There will be updates

Soon.. ish.

Done with my first play through Atelier Meruru - it's fucking adorable and SO addicting. It's good I didn't play the other games, since Meruru balances the micro-management extremely well with almost no parts where I got frustrated or annoyed (except for boss battles - but that's how it should be.), I actually liked the game so much, that I would have instantly started a New Game+ after I finished the game with the Good Ending (Took me around 50 hours in total). Now I want to get all of the endings. And fully develop the kingdom! And synthesize EVERYTHING with alchemy!

... too bad my Playstation 3 times are depending on my brother's whims. And now that he moved out of our mum's place I can't even sneakily occupy his PS3 while he's out when I'm visiting mum. Damn.

But I can have it next week, he promised. ;>

Well, while I've got no PS3 around I'm using the time to (finally) finish Hexyz Force, I'm on the last chapter of Cecilia's story and should be done in a few days. (I always play before going to bed and almost always fall asleep within 30 minutes, so I'm not making that much progress per day.. XD) The game is more fun than I expected (after reading a few negative reviews), but it's not really anything special. Pretty much standard RPG formula, stereotypical anime-fantasy characters and nothing too deep gameplay and story-wise. But still fun. I especially love that you can fast-forward the battles, that way I actually don't mind grinding a little more. I wish every game would have this feature.. :> (The only other game I remember playing that allowed to fast forward battles was Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4..)

I also finally got to buy the current Humble Indie Bundle - anyone who doesn't own these games, well, actually, even if you own them already: GET THIS BUNDLE! It's way too awesome to pass up on. You can gift it to someone else as well and make them happy! (I did that with the Botanicula-Bundle, birthday present for my mum <3) Bastion alone makes this bundle worth the money already.

Sooo then my bestie and I started playing Lone Survivor yesterday night and OMG, IT'S SUCH A FUCKING SCARY GAME! ...we kinda gave up after 45 minutes. SO CREEPY. Geez... but still, very, very awesome. I totally need to find someone who's not as easily scared as I am to play the game while I just sit next to them and ogle at the game's awesomeness. 8) Same goes for Watch Dogs, definitely my highlight of this year's otherwise extremely disappointing E3. I can't watch this trailer often enough:

(Watch it on full screen in HD!)

But I'm definitely too slow/dumb/inaccurate for the action game play sequences... 

Besides my avid gaming sessions I spent most of the past weeks working on my own game and it's slowly taking some form.

At least I've finally decided on a title for it and I hopefully will be able to officially announce the game soon. And show off some of the shit we made. Yey. :>

I'll also try and at least write up a Meruru review some time next week. :)


The awesome adventures of J & M! (part one)

Adventure games have always been a passion of mine. Back in the day, when computers were still a mystery to me, the only thing I'd touch one for were adventure games.

Games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Laura Bow, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle and the likes were my favourite games to play after school. I'd be running over to J's place and we'd sit in front of her mother's computer for hours, trying to find a way to save Laura Bow from the evil killer and solve the crime, trying to have Indy sell leather jackets to about anyone he'd meet. Trying to save Elaine from the evil clutches of LeChuck... oh, those were the days.

But some day 3D took over and the games lost their spark. But the past couple of years the 2D point & click adventure genre had a huge come back, so J and I got back together for the sake of the good old times and our greatest (or most tiring) adventure began.... 


Pokemon Black & White 2's hairstyles..

... are seriously weird and very gravity defying.

The new main characters have been announced and with that the first "scans" started floating around the internet and I must admit... I'm quiet disappointed with the step back compared to the designs of B/W.


Whats's with those silly buns for the protag girl? And what kind of plant is growing on the boy's head!? oO And what's up with that blonde dude with that blue freaky strain of hair growing in whatever direction it feels like? Why is the obviously wet hair of the tanned duded standing up high like he emptied 3 cans of hairspray on it? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?


Sigh... I was hoping for a return of my sexy Hilda.. which is the unsexiest name ever, I must admit. But just look at her, shes a brunette, has tied up hair, wears short pants and honestly? She IS kinda hot. Something I thought I'd never think about a Pokemon MC.. ;>

And after the cut you can find some delicious fanart spamming... ;>


Atelier Ayesha

Developer: Gust 
Official Site: click here 
Genre: Turn-Based RPG
Release Date: 2012/06/28 (JPN)
I'm pretty excited for this by now... especially since two new awesome characters just got announced.. 8)


Limited Edition

I just pre-ordered the limited edition of Ciel no Surge from CDJapan AmiAmi. I'm not sure if this was really smart, since I don't think the game is very non-Japanese friendly, menu-wise and all, but I really want this game. And the extras. Especially the PS Vita front sticker:

The rest of the LE is nothing that special, a soundtrack CD and "documents" which are probably containing info on characters, the world etc.. 

Definitely not as awesome as my last LE, the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 Treasure Box, which included a CG collection book, a character design book, a bunch of postcards with art from the game and a flower necklace with replaceable stones, 8 of them, one of each for the romanceable guys in the game. <3

But the Ciel no Surge LE is tempting enough with that sticker thingy, I really find it rather pretty and would love to stick it on my Vita... ^^; It's also been quite a while since I bought Haruka4 (and back then I was lucky enough to have a friend stay over in Japan, so he bought it for me and brought it back over here when he got back... no customs, no hundred years of shipping, no shipping fees... yay!) so I'm somewhat excited even tho the extras aren't that awesome. it It still seems pretty shiny to me and about 60 Euro for a LE from Japan is quite cheap actually. Can't wait for early May when the game arrives here.. or rather when I get my notification from the customs office.. orz


Some more Vita backgrounds

I made a few more Vita backgrounds, since I'm currently very much into Natsume Yuujinchou again and just saw the very lovely Hotarubi no Mori e a few days ago, so I made some backgrounds from fanart of these two... Thought I'd share them again. :)


5 Reasons Why I Hate That My Son Is A Gamer

Huge rant about why it's not a good idea to let your children enjoy video games at an early age. And it got nothing to do with wether playing video games is good or bad for a young child. ;>

My son is a huge gaming enthusiast like me. He just turned 6 and can't even read yet, but he loves nothing more than playing video games. Except for ice cream, maybe. I'm usually pretty pleased with him being so interested in games except for these certain moments where I regret nothing more than introducing him to the gaming world. 

Accidently deleted this - Stuff that's intriguing me

Cave's newly announced Tokyo Therion which is gonna be released on iOS systems, is supposed to be a MORPG, so since it's not massive, I hope there's gonna be some sort of storyline (maybe revolving around the three characters from the teaser image) that can be played via co-op. I'd really rather love that, as I'm not too much of an MMO fan, since those are mostly lacking in the story department... so I hope this game doesn't. I also really like the character design of Tokyo Therion, so I'm definitely looking forward to more news on that - I hope they'll port it to another system (*coughs*Vita*coughcough*), since I own no Apple decives and never will.. ;>

Here's the official website: http://www.tokyot.jp/

The other game that has picked my interested is Sol Trigger, a newly announced PSP RPG by imageepoch, which I'm very curious about since the character design looks awesome (it's by Shuji Sogabe who also designed the characters in the Senko no Ronde games, not my cup of tea genre-wise, but the art is adorable) - by now scans of the three protagonists are floating around the web, so I hought I'd share:

Farrel, Emma & Walter

I'm not too sure how great the story will be as it sounds pretty generic: Some sort of freedom fighters, with access to some sort of power source called "Sol", which seems to be some sort of enhanced mana, it's used for skills and special attacks and if you die, but got enough Sol, you won't die, but your Sol gets depleted instead. Farrel is somehow special, being the only one having a gold Sol and he's a candidate to become the next Sol Trigger. Emma is his gun wielding childhood friend and Walter's best friend was killed by the church, so he is seeking revenge.

The scenario will be written by Kazushige Nojima, who also wrote the scenarios for FF8, 10, 10-2, 13, 13-2 and Kingdom Hearts 2 among other stuff. I have to admit, the only game where I really liked the storytelling of those is KH2, so I'm not too sure what to expect. 

It sounds a lot like another imageepoch game, Arc Rise Fantasia, right now.. fighting for freedom, the church killing people... I really loved Arc Rise Fantasia (the undub!!) but I hope it will be different.... I hope the church won't have such an important role, I just don't like the church as the bad guys, way too overused.

I'm not too sure what to expect from all of those involved.. the art is superb, definitely, but imageepoch has never done anything more than mediocre to quite good but flawed games imo and Nojima never really got to me either. I still hope this turns out good and will be localised. ^^;

Also: Does anyone else think that Walter looks like a girl if you cut off his head? That clothes design is somewhat creepy... ^^;;

Speaking of imageepoch... as I've mentioned, I'm currently taking a break from Corpse Party and I borrowed my DS to one of my besties, as she has no money for consoles and handhelds, so I gave her my DS and a couple of games (Pokemon White, Ghost Trick, Layton, GTA, ...and I forgot what else XD) so she can enjoy a little gaming. That means I'm taking a break from Devil Survivor 2 right now as well.

So I bought Fate/Extra and Dissiddia 012 [duodecim] (since it's 50% off for Plus users) from the US PSN store and have been playing those two. 

Fate/Extra is very.... hm, I like the design and the gameplay is interesting, but it's also very lacking. The characters are beautiful, especially the 3D models look really awesome (and that from the girl who usually can't stand 3D) but everything else is just so bland and boring. The dungeons are even worse than that Thanatos tower in Persona 3. The battle system is interesting for the first ten minutes and then it just gets annoyingly boring.. you either predict everything right and win after a minute of watching your servant (in my case Archer <333) smack the enemy or you get everything wrong and almost die yourself... and I'm playing on easy mode. 

In fact, everything annoyed me so much, that I downloaded a clear save file and started my game over after I reached the 3rd day of the 1st week. Now at least I know all enemy patterns. The game is still very annoying, it's just one hell of a huge grindfest and usually I do not mind a little grinding here and there, I enjoyed it a lot in Persona 3 & 4, but battles in those two where at least a little rewarding, since you could get Personae and items and stuff, but the lack of any kind of equipment for your servant and the minimal experience gain from each battle, they really demotivate me. 

So, as a result, I asked someone to add the 999SP cheat to my save file, so I can avoid grinding and just add a few points to my skills each day.. orz

I'm on the 6th day of the 1st week now and I hope I'll enjoy the game more now, as I really love the Fate universe.. :) 

But I forgive the game's flaws. Since there is Archer. And who could resist this smug smile, huh? ;>

And even tho I'm pretty sure it won't happen (I've avoided all kinds of spoilers so far!) I really wish for an ending like this:

Anyway.. while Fate/Extra has an extra lot of flaws, I still kinda enjoy it.. ^^

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] is quite lovely in every sense on the other hand so far. I'm not huge on fighting games unless I play against someone else (sitting next to me, playing on the same console, not via online play - I'm a big fan of Guilty Gear and Melty Blood <3) so I'm playing on easy and with the RPG mode and while I do barely understand all of the gameplay yet (50 minutes into the game) it does seem to be fun and it's definitely a good buy for $14,69! <3

I'm also done with Fringe, I'm up to the latest episode and OMG THIS SERIES IS UTTER MINDFUCK!!! Totally love it, but I think they should stop adding new timelines, alternate realities and everything.. it gets a little confusing by now. ;> And Olivia and Peter... it's just graaghwjwgjfkrfhjrk!!!!1eleven

I swear, I'll kill the people behind this series if those two do not end up happily ever after at some point! ;> Since I was so obsessed with Fringe I have to catch up with Lost Girl, New Girl, Being Human, Grimm and all those anime series I'm currently watching as well.. but oh well, I'll concentrate on Fate/Extra for now! :) 

My game and my brother's PS3

Which are two totally unrelated things. :>

First of all, I found an artist for my game. So this kinda makes the team complete. My bestie, who is awesome, will be in charge of composing the music and sound effects (http://www.benedikt-grosser.com/), a long-time online friend of mine will be in charge of programming (... and I am wholeheartedly amazed by his enthusiasm for programming) and now for the art we've got a very talented artist! (http://cathselprime.deviantart.com/)

Now that leaves me with game design and the story. 

I finally had some ideas about a core element in the story, so writing should move along smoothly. I still have to figure out a few things about game play mechanics, like what kind of effect they have on the story progression and individual charater routes and things like that. I started a few character designs, which I'll hand over to the artist this weekend and maybe in a bit there will be more to show. :)

Things are moving a long slowly in any case! <3

But for this weekend, I've got my little brother's PS3 - he's off to Holland with a few friends, so I can have his PS3 while he's gone. And I still got Agarest Senki (also known as Record of Agarest War) on my PSN account, which I bought like 2 years ago and never had a chance to play since I don't own a PS3. orz

But now I've got 3 whole days to try and finish the game. I probably won't be able to play through all generations in this time, but maybe I can at least finish one? I totally need to check out which bride makes the prettiest son, so I can play the bishiest hero in the other generations. ;> Tho I will probably not go for any girl that annoys me, even if her son would be the easiest on the eye. Hopefully the one's with the pretty sons are the girls I'd choose anyway. (I'll definitely go for the fox girl in the second generation. :>)

The game should have finished downloading by now, so off I go to save the world and make children! ... Did I mention that I totally want to play Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure and make lots of Star Children? 8)


Going to the slam!

Just a tiny update via my Vita - I'm amazed how well blogspot works on it, uploading images doesn't seem to work tho - going to my monthly poetry slam thingy today and I'm somewhat excited to see David Friedrich again, who I've only seen in a team slam together with Bjoern Dunne (I think that's his name ^^;) before. Dunne was at last month's slam by himself tho, presenting both a German and an English text, which was pretty neat. Anyway, gotta hurry now and get back home to meet with my bestie and some other friends, yay! <3


[Let's Play] Devil Survivor 2

Since I started playing the game yesterday, I'd like to write down my first impressions on it. I'm still not sure wether I like the game's characters and story tho.


PS Vita Background Images

I made some PS Vita background / lockscreen images, which everyone can freely use. <3

I haven't tested any of them yet, but they should work just fine. ;>

Images after the break. 

On other news: Devil Survivor 2 has been leaked and the impatient me (okay, actually I'm just desperate for some other games besides Corpse Party, right now I'm not very much in a running away mood... XD) decided to not wait for my import copy to arrive... It's probably one of those games I'll never release from the shrink wrap as I'm already done with it by the time my copy of the game arrives. :>

I might post a little about it later. For now I can say, that Daichi is an annoying bestie. And a wuss. What's with all the wusses in Japanese media all the time? That dude from Mirai Nikki (I already blocked his name from my memory) is by far the worst I've seen in anime lately... I dropped the series after 5 episodes.. can't bear to watch that idiot whine. Which is a pity since the series has such a nice concept.. :(

Oh well, now on to the bckground images:


[Let's Play] Corpse Party is killing me... (Part 01)

... literally.

I decided to write a detailed, very spoilery review along to me playing the game... that way my memory will still be fresh and I'll be less angsty about playing on... XD

Sorry for the varying quality of the images - as it's not possible to make screenshots of PSP games (at least not this one) with the Vita I have to make do with screenshots from youtube videos and whatever I can find via google. ;>


Useful PS Vita Links

Just a quick list of links that might be useful to PS Vita owners or those that intend to buy one in the future. :>

Short descriptions of some useful functions of the Vita like taking screenshots (Note that this doesn't work with (all?) PSP games as they can't be watermarked) and changing settings for PSP games etc.

The PS Vita section of GBAtemp, my favourite forum. Since members there are usually helpful and lots of questions have already been asked and answered there, I think this might be helpful to get some more info and it's a nice community in general. :)

The official manual page for the Content Manager, which also has the link for the DL - when I manually entered it the page wouldn't load, so I had to go to this page first to start the DL. 

Short simple tutorial for Remote Play.

Good review about the Vita with lots of information. :)

Hope these will prove useful to anyone. ;>


PS Vita - First Impressions

Since there's not really anything besides a total waste of paper and the charger / usb cable inside the Vita's box I won't take any unboxing pictures... this was seriously the most disappointing unboxing I ever did. The Vita itself tho, is not disappointing at all.. <3

The Samsung OLED screen is bright and sharp and the colours look awesome. Browsing through the menus on the Vita is very intuitive and fun. It's relatively simple to figure out how to do stuff. For example, pressing on the front screen for a bit enters the menu editing mode where you can change the backgrounds or sort your apps and games. Sorting you do with pressing on the icon for a bit and then sliding them around, if you tap on them it opens the options (delete and/or information in most cases).

Navigating through the Vita's PSN store is rather annoying tho... there's no option to sort by genre (yet, I hope.) and browsing through all PSP games is a little annoying. There's also no option to sort stuff by price or list stuff that's on sale. I really hope the store will get a little more organised... :/ (I have no idea how the store looked on PSP, I can only compare it to the PS3 store, which is way cooler.)

Something else that's bothering me is that some PSP games aren't yet available for the Vita on the EU stores. Like Corpse Party. Which was one of the games announced as compatible for the Vita in the US at launch. Is there a difference between the US and EU version of the game? I'd really like to use my 20 Euro PSN code to get it, but first I'd like to find out if the EU version can be played on the Vita at all.. if anybody owns that and a Vita, would love to get some input on that. ;>

Uh yeah well, I didn't do much with the Vita yet.. tried the demo of Little Deviants, totally not my kind of thing. I also downloaded the Dungeon Hunter: Alliance demo, but didn't get much further than selecting a Mage and then realising that I have to restart the Vita for the rear touchpad to work..

But all in all, it's shiny and awesome and I am pretty sure that there's gonna be a bunch of gamese that will rock in the next few years. <3

Right now I am very much looking forward to Persona 4 The Golden and Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die, if that's gonna be released for the Vita as well, as the leaky news of it getting localised by Aksys only go for the 3DS version.

And now I'll go back to fiddling around with the Vita some more and watch some Fringe, I finally started watching it yesterday and I love it. It's like X-Files, just with less aliens and more mad doctors instead. XD

PS Vita, get!

Just went to get my pre-ordered PS Vita - I might do a little review on it later today. If I'm not totally busy playing Corpse Party or Hakuouki (I have no PSP, so I haven't played those yet... and there's not much out for the Vita that I'm interested in yet, LBP and Katamari being the only games of interest to me so far.. Can't wait for P4 Golden tho... *__*)

Anyways, got some unboxing to do now! <3


[Spoilers] Being Human UK Season 01 & 02

Sooo... I recently heard about Being Human and decided to give it a go, since I dig that supernatural stuff so much. I tried to not expect too much, since vampires/werewolves tend to be not so very cool lately, but Being Human does them justice.

Season one focuses mainly on the personal problems of each of the three roommates. Annie, a ghost who can't be seen, heard or touched by normal humans, George, a werewolf who is trying to manage his monthly werewolf transformation so he won't harm others and Mitchell, the 100 something vampire who tries to deal with his blood addiction (quite unsuccessfully).

First season's main antagonist is Herrick, vampire overlord, Mitchell's creator and.. well, just a psycho.

So yeah, while Annie is trying to figure out why she's still on earth and George is too busy whining about being a werewolf once a month, Mitchell is by far the one with the worst shit to deal with. Herrick is trying to make a vampire army so the vampires can come out of hiding and rule the world, so Mitchell tries to stop him, but instead of TALKING TO HIS FRIENDS he goes all emo and tries to deal with all shit by himself, which totally has fail written on it in bright red, big letters.

Anyways. AND NOW IT GETS All SPOILERY, just so you're warned:


Still alive!

I know I haven't posted much lately, but that's because I'm busy editing images for Lair Land and working on developing my own game. I hope I can soon write some more about that.

In the meantime I made I cute little banner which anyone is free to use to link to my blog!

You can use the following code to implement it on your website, blog, whatever... :D

<a href="http://geekouts.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-w6rAskVvamY/Tzc3pikWZTI/AAAAAAAAANM/Okh3hbpXDtQ/s1600/banner.png" style="border: 1px solid black;" /></a>

If anyone is reading this blog at all. :> 


[Spoilers] Grimm S01 E08 & E09

01x08 - Game Ogre

Definitely the weakest episode so far. Hank was an annoying bitch. But gosh, how awesome is this episode's title??? XD

[Translation] Lair Land updates

There isn't much to update tho.. ;>

Found a few people who are willing to translate, which I am very happy and grateful about, so translation is progressing smoothly.

Thanks to nekoyasha extracting and inserting is working just like it should. Text doesn't need any formatting besides taking care of where to put breaks... which I didn't, as you can see in the screenshots. The text is also very unedited and not final at all. 

Inserting edited images is no problem either, so the translation is progressing.... slowly but steady. ;>

I won't update much more until every image is translated and a menu patch can be made, so unless I run ino some trouble and need to seek for help again, I probably won't mention much more about the translation here or elsewhere. From my experience, that's always the best way to go about such a project. :>

But since I finally saw the new Lost Girl episode yesterday I might do a rant about that later. Yeah, I know, that's just what everyone was hoping for. ;)


[Translation] Lair Land


While I am very eager to kick off a translation on this wonderful game (more info on it on my previous post), there's this one problem: I don't know any Chinese and I don't know anyone who speaks Chinese either. Now if this game was in Japanese, there wouldn' be much of a problem, as everyone and their mother is learning Japanese nowadays, but the only thing that is Japanese in this game is the voices and those cover only 1/5 of the game. Or even less.

Anyways. Hacking on the game is simple enough (at least for Mr. super awesome programming dude NekoYasha [And since i'm talking about him, let me also tell you about his awesome translation of Period, which you can find here.]) and all images and text files that need a translation are already extracted and just waiting to get into the hands of an awesome translator.

And that means you, you Chinese speaking super nice person, who's reading this right now. :>

To get an overview about what needs to be done, let me explain a little:

[Spoilers] Sherlock S02 E03

The awesome thing about Sherlock is, that each episode surpasses the previous one. I started thinking after the second episode of the first season that it couldn't get better anymore. But then I saw the third one and it left me speechless. (I regained my words quickly again and started cursing at my TV, desperate to know how it continues after that massive cliffhanger.)

I don't know how true to the original books each story is, as I've only seen a few of the animated Sherlock Holmes movies and the hollywood one with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, I've yet to see the second one with them. But what I do know, is that Steve Moffat and Mark Gattis did an awesome job adapting the characters into modern times. The series is exciting and fun and at times so very, very sad.

"The Reichenbach Fall" was no exception. Moriarty is back again and more scheming than ever. He was actually really cool in this episode, I didn't take him much serious at first, he was just so silly and such a bitch. He was so over the top that it annoyed me. But this time he is so, so very evil. And Holmes, oh Holmes... he and Watson had such cute moments in this episode. And I loved to see Molly get some of Holmes attention... I really wonder what she did for him. 

And gosh, was it sad. And how I loved Moffat & Gattis for pulling the fake death just like with Irine again. (As I didn't know they had already announced a third season I really thought he was dead. orz) It somehow reminds me of the Doctor Who fake deaths of Rory tho... hopefully they won't overuse that element this time. ;>

I also wonder how Mycroft will make his big fail up to Holmes. And boy, I didn't know Mycroft was played by Gatiss. But he does a fabulous job at it! 

All in all the third season was quite the rollercoaster ride and I can't wait to get on another one. Sadly everyone is busy with filming other stuff so it will take another year again for the next season to come out. Sigh. 

But oh well, there is lots of other series I'm currently watching (Switched at Birth, Grimm, New Girl) and soon the new season of Lost Girl will start, I'm still not sure if I like the series, but Kenzi is the most awesome character ever! <3 She's just as quirky as Abbs from NCIS. Can't wait for more of that either... and after the summer, my beloved Doctor will return as well. And as soon as the PS Vita is released, I'll be plenty of distracted anyways. :>


Lair Land

Lair Land
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In Lair Land, a Chinese Princess Maker clone, you take on the role of Hirol who is taking care of the mysterious Chilia. She was found unconscious during a fight against some dragonlike creatures, with no memory of who she is. The priest is convinced she was sent by the goddess and asks Hirol to take care of her, as he thinks how Chilia grows up will affect the fate of mankind.

The game was first released for PC in 2007, with Chinese text and Japanese voice overs (for a few scenes), later on it got ported to PSP by Arc System Works for the Japanese market. A new character and a few new extras where added. But the PSP port lacks the skip function of the PC game.

The game starts of with a pretty anime cutscene explaining how they met:


While everything is still rather unpolished, I finally got around to set my blog up. 

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