[Let's Play] Devil Survivor 2

Since I started playing the game yesterday, I'd like to write down my first impressions on it. I'm still not sure wether I like the game's characters and story tho.


PS Vita Background Images

I made some PS Vita background / lockscreen images, which everyone can freely use. <3

I haven't tested any of them yet, but they should work just fine. ;>

Images after the break. 

On other news: Devil Survivor 2 has been leaked and the impatient me (okay, actually I'm just desperate for some other games besides Corpse Party, right now I'm not very much in a running away mood... XD) decided to not wait for my import copy to arrive... It's probably one of those games I'll never release from the shrink wrap as I'm already done with it by the time my copy of the game arrives. :>

I might post a little about it later. For now I can say, that Daichi is an annoying bestie. And a wuss. What's with all the wusses in Japanese media all the time? That dude from Mirai Nikki (I already blocked his name from my memory) is by far the worst I've seen in anime lately... I dropped the series after 5 episodes.. can't bear to watch that idiot whine. Which is a pity since the series has such a nice concept.. :(

Oh well, now on to the bckground images:


[Let's Play] Corpse Party is killing me... (Part 01)

... literally.

I decided to write a detailed, very spoilery review along to me playing the game... that way my memory will still be fresh and I'll be less angsty about playing on... XD

Sorry for the varying quality of the images - as it's not possible to make screenshots of PSP games (at least not this one) with the Vita I have to make do with screenshots from youtube videos and whatever I can find via google. ;>


Useful PS Vita Links

Just a quick list of links that might be useful to PS Vita owners or those that intend to buy one in the future. :>

Short descriptions of some useful functions of the Vita like taking screenshots (Note that this doesn't work with (all?) PSP games as they can't be watermarked) and changing settings for PSP games etc.

The PS Vita section of GBAtemp, my favourite forum. Since members there are usually helpful and lots of questions have already been asked and answered there, I think this might be helpful to get some more info and it's a nice community in general. :)

The official manual page for the Content Manager, which also has the link for the DL - when I manually entered it the page wouldn't load, so I had to go to this page first to start the DL. 

Short simple tutorial for Remote Play.

Good review about the Vita with lots of information. :)

Hope these will prove useful to anyone. ;>


PS Vita - First Impressions

Since there's not really anything besides a total waste of paper and the charger / usb cable inside the Vita's box I won't take any unboxing pictures... this was seriously the most disappointing unboxing I ever did. The Vita itself tho, is not disappointing at all.. <3

The Samsung OLED screen is bright and sharp and the colours look awesome. Browsing through the menus on the Vita is very intuitive and fun. It's relatively simple to figure out how to do stuff. For example, pressing on the front screen for a bit enters the menu editing mode where you can change the backgrounds or sort your apps and games. Sorting you do with pressing on the icon for a bit and then sliding them around, if you tap on them it opens the options (delete and/or information in most cases).

Navigating through the Vita's PSN store is rather annoying tho... there's no option to sort by genre (yet, I hope.) and browsing through all PSP games is a little annoying. There's also no option to sort stuff by price or list stuff that's on sale. I really hope the store will get a little more organised... :/ (I have no idea how the store looked on PSP, I can only compare it to the PS3 store, which is way cooler.)

Something else that's bothering me is that some PSP games aren't yet available for the Vita on the EU stores. Like Corpse Party. Which was one of the games announced as compatible for the Vita in the US at launch. Is there a difference between the US and EU version of the game? I'd really like to use my 20 Euro PSN code to get it, but first I'd like to find out if the EU version can be played on the Vita at all.. if anybody owns that and a Vita, would love to get some input on that. ;>

Uh yeah well, I didn't do much with the Vita yet.. tried the demo of Little Deviants, totally not my kind of thing. I also downloaded the Dungeon Hunter: Alliance demo, but didn't get much further than selecting a Mage and then realising that I have to restart the Vita for the rear touchpad to work..

But all in all, it's shiny and awesome and I am pretty sure that there's gonna be a bunch of gamese that will rock in the next few years. <3

Right now I am very much looking forward to Persona 4 The Golden and Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die, if that's gonna be released for the Vita as well, as the leaky news of it getting localised by Aksys only go for the 3DS version.

And now I'll go back to fiddling around with the Vita some more and watch some Fringe, I finally started watching it yesterday and I love it. It's like X-Files, just with less aliens and more mad doctors instead. XD

PS Vita, get!

Just went to get my pre-ordered PS Vita - I might do a little review on it later today. If I'm not totally busy playing Corpse Party or Hakuouki (I have no PSP, so I haven't played those yet... and there's not much out for the Vita that I'm interested in yet, LBP and Katamari being the only games of interest to me so far.. Can't wait for P4 Golden tho... *__*)

Anyways, got some unboxing to do now! <3


[Spoilers] Being Human UK Season 01 & 02

Sooo... I recently heard about Being Human and decided to give it a go, since I dig that supernatural stuff so much. I tried to not expect too much, since vampires/werewolves tend to be not so very cool lately, but Being Human does them justice.

Season one focuses mainly on the personal problems of each of the three roommates. Annie, a ghost who can't be seen, heard or touched by normal humans, George, a werewolf who is trying to manage his monthly werewolf transformation so he won't harm others and Mitchell, the 100 something vampire who tries to deal with his blood addiction (quite unsuccessfully).

First season's main antagonist is Herrick, vampire overlord, Mitchell's creator and.. well, just a psycho.

So yeah, while Annie is trying to figure out why she's still on earth and George is too busy whining about being a werewolf once a month, Mitchell is by far the one with the worst shit to deal with. Herrick is trying to make a vampire army so the vampires can come out of hiding and rule the world, so Mitchell tries to stop him, but instead of TALKING TO HIS FRIENDS he goes all emo and tries to deal with all shit by himself, which totally has fail written on it in bright red, big letters.

Anyways. AND NOW IT GETS All SPOILERY, just so you're warned:


Still alive!

I know I haven't posted much lately, but that's because I'm busy editing images for Lair Land and working on developing my own game. I hope I can soon write some more about that.

In the meantime I made I cute little banner which anyone is free to use to link to my blog!

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If anyone is reading this blog at all. :>