The Curse of the Typist's Cramp...

Or maybe we should call it a gamer's cramp in my case. Why is it even called a "typist's" cramp? I never get cramps from typing... writing with a pen, yeah, but typing? Anyway, got me an awful tenosynovitis (TSV) in my right wrist. This is nothing new for me, as I've had plenty in the past and I've got a splint at home in case I get another one anyway.. 

I didn't get one for quite a few years tho and this time it's from playing on the Vita. I already noticed the past couple of days that playing on the Vita for more than an hour or two would make my right thumb hurt a lot.  

And you know why?

Just because some awful idiot in the US thought that back whenever the PSOne came over to the West switching the confirmation button from O to X would be a greaaaat idea. WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK THAT?

I've been bothered by this for years, but now my annoyance has reached it's peak... as I've been playing a lot on the Vita lately I've noticed how extremely awkwardly your thumb is placed if you rest it on the X button. You have to either keep it in an extremely uncomfortable crooked position or rest it on the right stick as well... both of these methods start getting painful after a few minutes. .__.

Now if you try resting your thumb on the O button, which in general is the confirmation button in all Japanese developed games, you notice it's a lot more comfortable and natural:

I feel like writing a long letter to Sony in hopes they'll offer to reconfigure my O and X buttons input, so that O would be linked to X and X to O..  I wonder if they'd actually do it. I mean, I could probably do it myself and I will if Sony doesn't do anything as soon as my warranty expires... for now I'll take a break from P4G, which is sad, since I just beat the last boss and only got a month of in-game time left to wrap things up. ;_;

But oh well, in the mean time I'll just amuse myself (and maybe some of you as well?) with a probably NSFW screenshot collection of Personae resembling genitals and other dirty stuff that made me grin while playing Persona 4 Golden..  pretty much spoiler free.


Playstation 4? Surprisingly, I'm sold.

PlatinumGames, Level-5, Nippon Ichi Software, Gust, Chunsoft, Marvelous AQL, Imageepoch and Atlus amongst others are developing for the PS4. It seems there's no way I won't be getting this system then.

Persona 5 for PS4. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. :>


Keiji Inafune's otome game... in English!?

So, I heard about this before... Keiji Inafune in charge of designing an otome game. I saw the characters (art by the dude who did the art for the Ace Attorney series) and started to desperately hope for a localisation.

Now it totally took me by surprise when Aksys announced the game yesterday... just like that. Bam! In your face. Awesome. 


I'm especially excited since it's not just a straight VN otome game with your usual choices that define which ending you get, no... there's PUZZLES to solve!

And just look at this crazy cast of characters:

I totally want to date them all. Especially the glasses dude on the far left that totally reminds me of the crazy priest vampire hunter in Hellsing. Bwaha. I also really like the heroine's design. The thought of playing as Inafune's niece ist just... well, I think this game will make me grin a lot. 

Good thing it's coming no sooner than summer, hopefully I'll have all those other games finished by then. I'm 8 hours into the game, but I've skipped quite a bit of the story since I still remember it all quite well. But I'm at Kanji's introduction now and since he's my favourite character in the game I'll probably read & listen to a lot more of the dialogue now. 8)

Fire Emblem: Awakening also finally got an official EU release date yesterday: April 19th! 

Really can't wait for that game... any of you guys in the US playing it already? But you know, the good thing about getting a game a little later is that there's already lots of strategy guides and helpful hints out in the internet when you start playing. I really like to plan a little bit ahead when it comes to strategic games... I usually spent a couple of hours reading various forum discussions about various strategies about gameplay and what to be careful of early in the game. I also hate missing characters/quests/etc. Persona 4 is my personal hell of planning ahead in games. 

I actually printed out various lists and tables with information about social links and quests before starting to play thegame. Sometimes I think I should make strategy guide design my profession. I even modified my Ni no Kuni guide book a little to make it more efficent, haha. :>

So that's that. And now back to P4G. 


Sometimes.. impatience does pay off!

Today I got this sudden urge of wanting Persona 4 Golden like RIGHT NOW! So I went to check Ebay.. and actually found some dude from Hamburg who'd been selling the US version, so I mailed him, we agreed to do the whole thing "out-of-ebay" and he said I could come over and get it immediately if I wanted to... and of course I wanted to! 

But I was pretty low on cash and paying with your credit card doesn't really work when you're not using Ebay or shopping in a real store. (unless you know someone with a credit card reader / charger, but err yeaaaah.......) Anyway.

So I called Dad to ask if he could lend me some moneys til next week and guess what he said.... 
"It's on the house." 

Technically I just got P4G ten days early (compared to the EU release) and for free.

Which means I can spend Valentine's Day with my most favourite game in the world. I also got me my favourite sweets and some of that Lipton Sparkling I'm so addicted to. 

Can't wait for the Weekend! *_*


A little rant about Ni no Kuni...

So, as I said I'm gonna rant a little.

This will be a little spoiler-y (I won't spoil the ending or deep plot twists tho), so stay away if you haven't finished the game yet and don't want to know some story related things before having seem them yourself (I won't talk much about anything post-Hamelin, so if you've reached that part you're pretty much save anyway.)

[Review] Ni no Kuni (& Gold Hurly Familiar Give Away)

I'll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible for those who haven't played the game yet... I'll make another post with rants and a few in-depth hints for those that are interested later on. ;>

I've put a good 75+ hours into the game now (tho I think around 5 hours of those are just me leaving the PS3 on while doing other stuff. ;>) and finished the main story. I still got quite a bit of the post-end content left to finish (monster hunts, quests, catching all familiars just because I can...) and not one minute of it felt like wasted time.

I love this game. A lot. But I have to admit that this game has its flaws. Most of them are no big deal and if you're able to overlook them you'll have plenty of fun with this game.


It finally arrived... *_* (Ni No Kuni Wizard's Edition)

Even tho I was already prepared for it, I was still a little disappointed that the Wizard's Companion is so tiny...

 And after playing the hell out of it, I'll also share my thoughts on the game with you~