The awesome adventures of J & M! (part one)

Adventure games have always been a passion of mine. Back in the day, when computers were still a mystery to me, the only thing I'd touch one for were adventure games.

Games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Laura Bow, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle and the likes were my favourite games to play after school. I'd be running over to J's place and we'd sit in front of her mother's computer for hours, trying to find a way to save Laura Bow from the evil killer and solve the crime, trying to have Indy sell leather jackets to about anyone he'd meet. Trying to save Elaine from the evil clutches of LeChuck... oh, those were the days.

But some day 3D took over and the games lost their spark. But the past couple of years the 2D point & click adventure genre had a huge come back, so J and I got back together for the sake of the good old times and our greatest (or most tiring) adventure began.... 


Pokemon Black & White 2's hairstyles..

... are seriously weird and very gravity defying.

The new main characters have been announced and with that the first "scans" started floating around the internet and I must admit... I'm quiet disappointed with the step back compared to the designs of B/W.


Whats's with those silly buns for the protag girl? And what kind of plant is growing on the boy's head!? oO And what's up with that blonde dude with that blue freaky strain of hair growing in whatever direction it feels like? Why is the obviously wet hair of the tanned duded standing up high like he emptied 3 cans of hairspray on it? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?


Sigh... I was hoping for a return of my sexy Hilda.. which is the unsexiest name ever, I must admit. But just look at her, shes a brunette, has tied up hair, wears short pants and honestly? She IS kinda hot. Something I thought I'd never think about a Pokemon MC.. ;>

And after the cut you can find some delicious fanart spamming... ;>


Atelier Ayesha

Developer: Gust 
Official Site: click here 
Genre: Turn-Based RPG
Release Date: 2012/06/28 (JPN)
I'm pretty excited for this by now... especially since two new awesome characters just got announced.. 8)


Limited Edition

I just pre-ordered the limited edition of Ciel no Surge from CDJapan AmiAmi. I'm not sure if this was really smart, since I don't think the game is very non-Japanese friendly, menu-wise and all, but I really want this game. And the extras. Especially the PS Vita front sticker:

The rest of the LE is nothing that special, a soundtrack CD and "documents" which are probably containing info on characters, the world etc.. 

Definitely not as awesome as my last LE, the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4 Treasure Box, which included a CG collection book, a character design book, a bunch of postcards with art from the game and a flower necklace with replaceable stones, 8 of them, one of each for the romanceable guys in the game. <3

But the Ciel no Surge LE is tempting enough with that sticker thingy, I really find it rather pretty and would love to stick it on my Vita... ^^; It's also been quite a while since I bought Haruka4 (and back then I was lucky enough to have a friend stay over in Japan, so he bought it for me and brought it back over here when he got back... no customs, no hundred years of shipping, no shipping fees... yay!) so I'm somewhat excited even tho the extras aren't that awesome. it It still seems pretty shiny to me and about 60 Euro for a LE from Japan is quite cheap actually. Can't wait for early May when the game arrives here.. or rather when I get my notification from the customs office.. orz