My game and my brother's PS3

Which are two totally unrelated things. :>

First of all, I found an artist for my game. So this kinda makes the team complete. My bestie, who is awesome, will be in charge of composing the music and sound effects (http://www.benedikt-grosser.com/), a long-time online friend of mine will be in charge of programming (... and I am wholeheartedly amazed by his enthusiasm for programming) and now for the art we've got a very talented artist! (http://cathselprime.deviantart.com/)

Now that leaves me with game design and the story. 

I finally had some ideas about a core element in the story, so writing should move along smoothly. I still have to figure out a few things about game play mechanics, like what kind of effect they have on the story progression and individual charater routes and things like that. I started a few character designs, which I'll hand over to the artist this weekend and maybe in a bit there will be more to show. :)

Things are moving a long slowly in any case! <3

But for this weekend, I've got my little brother's PS3 - he's off to Holland with a few friends, so I can have his PS3 while he's gone. And I still got Agarest Senki (also known as Record of Agarest War) on my PSN account, which I bought like 2 years ago and never had a chance to play since I don't own a PS3. orz

But now I've got 3 whole days to try and finish the game. I probably won't be able to play through all generations in this time, but maybe I can at least finish one? I totally need to check out which bride makes the prettiest son, so I can play the bishiest hero in the other generations. ;> Tho I will probably not go for any girl that annoys me, even if her son would be the easiest on the eye. Hopefully the one's with the pretty sons are the girls I'd choose anyway. (I'll definitely go for the fox girl in the second generation. :>)

The game should have finished downloading by now, so off I go to save the world and make children! ... Did I mention that I totally want to play Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure and make lots of Star Children? 8)

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