So... Elementary.

I just saw the pilot episode of the upcoming CBS show Elementary and hell, I liked it. But I won't spoil the fun for you, so here's just my first impressions on the characters and overall feel of the show:

So, I've been really sick of the whole Sherlock vs Elementary debate from the moment the new CBS show got announced. It seems just as stupid to me as comparing BBC's Sherlock with the Hollywood Sherlock Holmes movies

When Elementary got announced, I was just damn excited about it. I just love me a good detective story and interesting characters. And anything based on the stories & characters by Arthur Conan Doyle can't be that bad. Right? Right.

Elementary's pilot episode was at least very promising.

Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock is sexy, charming and a little rugged, which reminds me of Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock. But it seems like Miller's interpretation is also calculating and manipulating in ways we've seen from Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock. But he adds enough of his own to not just be a mere fusion of the two. All in all I like his Sherlock just as much as the other two so far. :>

And Watson, oh Dr. Joan Watson. I'm biased here. I really love Lucy Liu. I love her Watson. And I honestly don't really care if Watson's a man or a woman. As long as the chemistry is right - and so far it seems promising as well. I'm pretty sure at some point they will direct it into a sexual / romantic direction, well, maybe, but I wouldn't mind that either as long as it's done right. 

The case was also interesting, but the focus clearly was on character interaction - which makes sense for the pilot episode, but I hope they'll focus more on the cases and the whole process of solving them in the next few episodes. 

October's certainly gonna be awesome with Elementary, the new season of Community and the releases of Persona 4 Golden & Deponia 2. Can't wait. And Torchlight II's release is merely two weeks away as well, yay. <3 font="font">

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