What I'm looking forward to...

While 2012 was a bit lacking for me (even tho they were a few incredibly great games, as mentioned in the post before...), 2013 seems to be more than promising. There's tons of stuff I'm looking forward to and I'd like to share my excitement with you guys. ;>

First of all there's Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch coming up in a mere 15 23 days (just as I was writing this, Amazon informed me that the game has been delayed to the first of February... orz) - I've been wanting to play this game ever since the DS version got announced. I was severely disappointed when they announced a localisation for the PS3 version but not the DS one... I had no PS3 then and I didn't think I'd be getting one so soon either. But then I did and after playing through the demo once, I immediately pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Ni No Kuni. It's so fun and so pretty! The story seems to be promising too (but I didn't expect anything else, I mean.. it's Ghibli!) and Level 5's cel shading is marvelous as always... hell yeah. I'm excited for this game!

Next up is Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Escape (Vita version), which gets released on the same day as Ni No Kuni over here in Germany. I decided to not import the game, when I saw it's only gonna cost 28 Euro over here - a price I'm certainly willing to pay for that game. :D (Usually prices in Germany have the same numbers as in the US, just with a € behind instead of a $ in front of them... so, a 40 USD game suddenly turns into a 40 Euro game which is about $52. How is that fair? ;_;) 

In February I'll finally get to play Persona 4 Golden too! The main reason I got the Vita, as I was never able to finish the game on my shiny pink PS2! The little one deleted my 90% complete save game and ever since I just couldn't bring myself to start from the beginning... after enough time had passed to make me wanna play the game from scratch again, the upgraded Vita version got announced and I decided that if I'm gonna play the game again, then I'm playing that version! So I got me a Vita.. and it has been waiting ever since... waiting for me to finally push the game's cartridge into the game slot and play til the battery runs dry... 8) And that I will do in February!

The game I'm probably most excited about tho, is probably Atelier Ayesha - I've been drooling over this game ever since it got announced and after Tecmo-Koei bought Gust I was a little scared that we won't see this game localised or that it would take ages at least. But what's that? A European release, you say? In April? Pre-ordered. WANT NOW!

Don't Starve will also finally see it's official release soon! The Beta has been available for purchase for a while now and it's pretty fun to see the game expand and give you more options to die every few days... 8) It's also 20% off if you buy it now before it's released. :)

Then there's Deponia 3, The Rabbit's Apprentice (another P&C Adventure game by Daedelic & the awesome Matthias Kempke of lassiegames!), Pokemon X & Y just got announced for this year too...

And of course Fire Emblem: Awakening! Finally a Fire Emblem game that has no perma death! And oh, how I look forward to marrying off all my characters to each other, haha.... 8)

Last but not least there is also the release of GTA V to look forward to sometime this year... who knows when exactly that is, but it's gonna be awesome!

So many games I'm looking forward to... I wonder if I'll even have the time to play them all.

If you haven't yet, you can also check out what 2012 games I'm looking back on... ;>

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  1. Again, nice list! I look forward to reading your thoughts on Ni no Kuni especially. Like you, I wish Level-5 or Nintendo had decided to bring the DS game to western shores, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. The PS3 looks gorgeous, though, so at least there's that :)

    I'm also looking forward to Fire Emblem: Awakening, by the way. That and Etrian Odyssey IV will be my next 'big' games. Can't wait to play both of them next month!