Just two more weeks...

... until Fire Emblem finally gets released over here and let me tell you, I'm seriously in danger of getting a heart attack from all my excitement.

I can't wait.

On other news, I've been catching up with a few TV series in the past few days since I didn't really feel like gaming... and had to do some serious cleaning. And what's more perfect than watching your favourite series while folding the laundry and sorting your paper work?

So I finished season 3 of Haven and all I can say is wth is going on there!? I seriously have no idea what to expect from the next season, but if it's as weird and exciting as the third was then I'll be pleased. :>

And Doctor Who started off just perfect. I love the new companion! Can't wait for Saturday's new episode. Can't wait for that damn 50th anniversary special. It's gonna be so good! *_*

Psych is as adorable as always. I'm still amazed how it never gets boring to watch Shawn and Gus be, well,  Shawn and Gus. I really hope this series will stay for another two or three seasons. It's just so perfect. 8)

I'm still a bit on the fence about Community so far, you definitely notice the change of direction in the new season with Dan Harmon gone, but I wouldn't say it's as bad as a lot of people been claiming. It's still funny and weird. And it still got Abed. It's just a little different... well, I'll wait til the end of the season until I decide what I think of it. :)

And then there's Lost Girl... you know, it took me two seasons to decide if I like this series or not and I was a little bit disappointed about the whole Bo x Lauren outcome (I just agree too much with Kenz about Bo's romantic life ;>) but season 3 keeps delivering pretty well. Now if Vex would finally return I'd be all pleased.

Now all there's left is catching up with New Girl, Grimm, Being Human (UK) & Fringe (I kinda keep pushing the latter away, since I'm scared I'll hate the end of the series.) And of course there's that new episode of Elementary that needs some serious watching right now. So, I'll do just that.

p.s.: Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Veronica Mars movie project?


  1. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Fire Emblem, miruki. Have you played any previous entries in the series?

    I've really liked what I've played of Awakening so far, by the way, although I haven't played it as much as I thought I would have by now. I think that has more to do with my current state of mind right now (I'm not feeling like playing *any* games at the moment) than it has to do with the quality of Awakening, though.

  2. Seeing as I absolutely loved this latest Fire Emblem (it's vying for game of the year for me so far), I'll be curious to see how much you like it. :)

    Good luck on catching up on all that TV. I watch very little TV (sports events and Game of Thrones is about it). Generally if I'm in front of the TV, I'm tossing in a video game. :P

  3. I can so feel you there! After spending so much time with FF9, Ni no Kuni, then Persona 4 Golden and finally Atelier Ayesha right after that (while also spending some time with my guilty pleasures "Don't Starve", "Faerie Solitaire" & "Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes" in between and playing Pixeljunk Monsters & The Testament of Sherlock Holmes with my friend) my gaming enthusiasm has cooled down quite a bit for now (except for my excitement for FE:A). All the gaming I'm currently doing is more helping the little one when he's stuck on his games. But catching up on all my series is quite nice for a change.. (and I can do my nails while watching TV, something that doesn't go well with gaming.. XD)

    You'll surely hear from me as soon as I've gotten a bit into Fire Emblem: Awakening, tho I'll probably post more about which characters I'm pairing up together than anything else, but oh well.. ;)

    And I've never really played any of the previous FE games, I dipped my toes into Shadow Dragon (I think? I tried one of the two DS titles) but I didn't really like the art style / characters / setting.. I dunno, I just couldn't really get into it. Radiant Dawn might have been more my cup of tea, but the whole perma-death thing just puts me off too much, so I'm really glad Awakening gives you a choice. :) Do you have any starter tips for Awakening? I played through the demo twice now (I can't wait to crate my own MU *__*) and feel like I've got the gist of battles, but is there anything helpful you might be able to throw my way? :)

  4. Hm, I don't really watch "TV" per se, I just watch certain series, I mainly own my TV for gaming purposes as well and while we've got cable, the only one using it is the little one to watch his cartoons. I actually "quit" watching TV when I was 14 and until I moved in together with my ex (who was a TV-addict) when I was 20 I didn't watch a single episode of anything. And since I barely watch anything in German at all (and everything gets dubbed over here), I mostly use video on demand services or if needed less legal means to get my fix of evening entertainment. I really like watching some stuff while folding the laundry or doing similar mundane tasks. Sadly I can't really do that stuff with a controller in my hands... yet. XD

    Man, everyone's talking about how great FE:A is - I seriously can't wait. Just ten more days... I already asked Bryan this, but, same question to you as well: You got any good tips for Awakening? :)

  5. Haha. Well, I like the 'classic' mode - it's harder but I tend to make better decisions. It can be more frustrating having a character bite it completely. I also did pick up the DLC for it and the extra characters and experience grinding opportunities help. Sometimes when you finish random duels and shop keepers pop up. Keep an eye out for those. The duels are usually not too hard, and a good chance to get some experience and items.