Animal Crossing: Odyssey

No, that's not the title of a newly announced Animal Crossing game. That's me trying to join the club and failing hard at it.

After everyone has been writing so much about their Animal Crossing: New Leaf adventures and especially after reading Bryan's adorable Animal Crossing diaries I knew I could no longer wait. I wanted my own town with it's own quirky bunch of citizens to go all "aww" over. So I went out to get it yesterday... and it just wasn't meant to be, it seems. ;_;

So, none of the stores within my immediate reach had the game available, two of them awfully big electronic's stores, I also checked the toy store, book store and even our equivalent of Walmart, just for the heck of it. There's no trace of this game. Hopefully that means all the crazy AC addicts live right around the corner. 8)

But guess what? That other store, right next to the main central station, in the heart of the city, where thousands of ppl go shopping each day... those guys still got the Premium Edition available, the one with the stylus und stickers... for the same price as the normal version. Guess where I'll go now?

So, hopefully I can soon tell everyone about my New Leaf adventures as well... :)

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  1. This is great! You'll have to visit my town and pick up any fruit you might need--or have me bring it to yours. Lizzi/Dead Melody surely will want to connect with you as well. She was *very* helpful to me when I visited her town for the first time. Also, thanks for the shout-out. Much appreciated :)