[Spoilers] Grimm S01 E08 & E09

01x08 - Game Ogre

Definitely the weakest episode so far. Hank was an annoying bitch. But gosh, how awesome is this episode's title??? XD
Well anyways, so there is the ogre on the loose who broke out of prison, trying to get revenge on the people who got him in there. So first he kills the judge, by ramming his hammer into his throat. This other woman that was working together with Hank (Mary or something) also got killed and her tounge cut out. And while the ogre is definitely rather fucked up, he's still nice enough to help and old lady cross the street. That's your neighbourhood ogre for you.

Oh well, Hank is being all bitchy about how he's the only one who can stop him while being totally ignoring the fact that that guy has inhuman strength and will just kill him. And while Hank is grounded to the police station by Renard, Nick is looking for clues. They find the ogre's car, which Mr. Ogre set up to explode and we see the ogre watching the place. Nick decides to go to the trailer to find out what the ogre could be and everything. When he gets back home, he gets beaten up by the ogre who followed him and Juliette saves the day by throwing boiling water into Mr. Ogre's face. Yay for Juliette!

So Nick is in the hospital and talks to Monroe (who is still the best character in this series!) about the ogre, who is in fact a Siegbarst.. a what? Can't they us some real German that makes sense again? ... anyways, Monroe tells Nick about the Siegbarst poison, which Nick conveniently found when he was earlier in the trailer... along with a nice shotgun and bullets to poison. Meanwhile Hank gets even more annoying, so Cpt. Renard and Wu decide to set up a trap and this is where the episode gets really crappy.... like seriously, who did write that script!?

First Hank stops at the hospital, talks to Nick, tells him that he and that Mary-or-whatever woman lost an evidence tape on purpose that might have proven the ogre's innocence. I have no idea what that scene is supposed to tell us, tbh. Hank says the ogre obviously paid some similar looking dude to be at that place, but honestly? It sounds so made up, I dunno. I'm not really thinking the ogre is a nice guy or didn't kill anyone, he's obviously a fucked up Grimm creature, but all of this was so very, very random. Anyways, Nick sent Monroe to get the shotgun and he arrives back at the hospital just when Hank is about to leave. Nick tells him to follow him and while Hank gets beaten up by the ogre and no one from the police is there at all (I mean, they suggested the trap thing and they new he was going there.... WHY DID THEY NOT SET UP A TRAP?????) Monroe totally kicks the ogre's ass and all is well again.

Besides Renard wondering who the shotgun that killed their criminal belongs to.... dundundun....

01x09 - Of Mouse And Men

Now this was a much better episode again. And a lot is happening in this one. I was starting to wonder when they'll finally add a deeper plot again, since the last couple of episodes didn't mention more of Renard and that Hexenbiest and everything... we don't get to know more about that in this episode either. But there's other fun stuff going to happen soon... :>
First of all, asshole dude gets killed in the parking lot of the apartment complex and his body is stuffed into a dumpster. Our suspects? First we got the girlfriend, Natalie, she left the night before after a huge fight and well, she's not really much of a murderer.. then there's Mason, another asshole tenant and actually also a nasty Lausenschlange (Lausenschlange? Are you serious!? That doesn't even make sense in German.......sigh) and thirdly, meet Martin, you're typical grey mouse. Literally, as he's a Mauseherz. Who lives with his father, who broke is back and can't take care of himself, so poor Marty has to do the job. The case isn't really that much better than usual, as it's pretty clear that Marty's the murder, after the second asshole dude gets killed. Marty's obsession over Natalie (and his father) isn't much interesting either.

What is interesting, is the couple in the orange truck in front of Nick and Juliette's house... while the dude is watching the house through binoculars the woman is taking pictures. Juliette notices them and walks out to them, but they drive off. Smart Juliette memorised the plate number tho and Nick finds out where they live but tells Juliette he'll have someone take care of it.

While Nick and Hank still try to figure out who killed Natalie's boyfriend and the in the meantime also murdered boss of the car repair shop, Juliette tries stalking the stalker couple. The woman is outside playing with two children and as soon as she notices Juliette she gets scared and quickly grabs her children and gets them inside. Obviously that confuses Juliette a lot but Nick keeps silent about the Grimm legacy when she tells him about it. She also says something along the lines: "At least I know who you are..." ...dundundun.

I actually don't want them to break up or let Juliette get killed. I rather like the idea of a main character that already has found the girl he loves and keeps her safe. And I'm also starting to like her. Rock on, you boiling water throwing chick! 

ANYWAYS, lets get to the good part. While everyone is busy with useless shit Monroe is excited for the gig he's supposed to play. But as soon as he arrives at the meeting place he gets attacked by two bulky guys while a butt ugly freak faced woman is watching him from above the staircase. They also leave a message for Monroe, or rather for Nick. But he's still busy figuring out that Marty is actually rather messed up mentally and also that his father is actually dead already. Nick and Hank find the corpse in Marty's flat and they finally realise that Marty must be behind all the killing. Marty meanwhile continues his killing spree and kills the Lausenschlange, who deserved it, but Marty is getting all creepy. He invites Natalie out for dinner and suddenly EVERYONE looks like his dad and he goes all OMG and Natalie drags him out of the restaurant. Soon they are being followed by police and he hides in an empty warehouse or something and then I skipped the next 5 minutes of Marty running from Nick until Nick finally catched him and Marty yells at him that nobody really knows him. Oh well.

So then, after Nick has talked to Juliette he finally goes to Monroe's and sees him all beaten up, Monroe tells him about what happened and shows him the message: A reaper's scythe. Nick tells him he won't have Monroe do stuff for him anymore, so something like that won't happen again, but Monroe is all kick ass and tells him that they just have to prepared next time...... <3

Hopefully there'll be some nice action next week. :>

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