[Translation] Lair Land updates

There isn't much to update tho.. ;>

Found a few people who are willing to translate, which I am very happy and grateful about, so translation is progressing smoothly.

Thanks to nekoyasha extracting and inserting is working just like it should. Text doesn't need any formatting besides taking care of where to put breaks... which I didn't, as you can see in the screenshots. The text is also very unedited and not final at all. 

Inserting edited images is no problem either, so the translation is progressing.... slowly but steady. ;>

I won't update much more until every image is translated and a menu patch can be made, so unless I run ino some trouble and need to seek for help again, I probably won't mention much more about the translation here or elsewhere. From my experience, that's always the best way to go about such a project. :>

But since I finally saw the new Lost Girl episode yesterday I might do a rant about that later. Yeah, I know, that's just what everyone was hoping for. ;)

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