Atelier Ayesha

Developer: Gust 
Official Site: click here 
Genre: Turn-Based RPG
Release Date: 2012/06/28 (JPN)
I'm pretty excited for this by now... especially since two new awesome characters just got announced.. 8)


The protagonist Ayesha Altuge, who's living by herself after her grandfather died and her little sister went missing, and said sister Nio, who Ayesha spots in some sort of ruins which then begins her journey for the search of her sister, had been announced a while ago already and ever since there's been lots of art and screenshots showing the two. But so far there hadn't been any word for other characters in the game.. until today when these two hotties got announced:

I've always had this slight obsession with red haired girls (I blame you, Ariel.) and therefore Regina Katz, the 23 year old ruins excavator who's looking after her siblings, caters very much to my taste design-wise. And since she's supposed to be sociable girl (and come one, she's selling stuff she excavated from ruins, that's a little like a young female Indiana Jones! *_*) I'm pretty sure I'll like her character as well. 8)

And then there's Keithgriff Bezeldine... or just Keith, for convenience, a 45 year old alchemist from another town, in pursue of knowledge and also in possession of quite some knowledge about the ruins. And who doesn't like themselves an intelligent alchemy gentlemen from time to time... I've gotta admit that he looks pretty badass for an old dude. 8)

Well I hope there will be a few male characters in Ayesha's age range and maybe a hint of romance as well...? Tho I doubt there will be much focus on romance as it sounds so far that the story will be mostly about Ayesha looking for her little sister while "overcoming sadness" as Gust said that's one of the game's themes. 

What I'm glad about is the fact that in this new Atelier series game you won't be pressured by time limits like in the Arland series and the DS games. I actually never played the Arland Atelier's (I'm planning to play Meruru tho, as it seems to have made the right changes to please me) but the time limit in Atelier Annie got me a little stressed from time to time, so I think it's good they're getting rid of that element again... I like exploring as much as I can and doing lots and lots of alchemy without having to stop to meet some deadline or otherwise getting a bad end. :< 


That said, I can't wait to hear more news about this game. 8)


  1. I've never played an Atelier game, Miruki, but I have to say that I like the looks of these PS3 releases. Maybe I'll have to get a PS3 and try one of them soon, right? :)

    1. You should definitely try one of them if you ever get a PS3! :) (And Eternal Sonata, should you not have played that on the 360 yet, if you own one.. ;>)

      When Gust first announced the change from 2D to 3D I was a bit worried, but yes, these PS3 games turned out to be gorgeous. I'll still skip the first two, probably, due to utter lack of time for console games (and because I read that the first one is very unforgiving if you don't manage your time very well, which is a huge turn off for me..) but I'll definitely get Meruru next month, since it also has kingdom-development elements, which I'm a sucker for. 8) It's supposed to be a little nicer with the time limits as well. And I'm also in dire need of some nice alchemy.. 8)

      The Atelier series is one of my favourite RPG series ever, I especially liked the 2nd of the Iris series and the old PSOne games.. I wish they'd translate those and put them up on the PSN store.. *_*

  2. Thanks for the info, miruki! I do have a 360, BTW, although I pretty much only own digital titles for it. Anyway, once I finally get a PS3, I'll definitely give some of these games a look (esp. Meruru and this one, should it be localized).

  3. I have a couple of these, and started one recently and am really enjoying it (good recommendation on Eternal Sonata as well, another great game). I'm looking forward to more information on this title as well and following your site (while linking to it from mine)> :)