The awesome adventures of J & M! (part one)

Adventure games have always been a passion of mine. Back in the day, when computers were still a mystery to me, the only thing I'd touch one for were adventure games.

Games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Laura Bow, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle and the likes were my favourite games to play after school. I'd be running over to J's place and we'd sit in front of her mother's computer for hours, trying to find a way to save Laura Bow from the evil killer and solve the crime, trying to have Indy sell leather jackets to about anyone he'd meet. Trying to save Elaine from the evil clutches of LeChuck... oh, those were the days.

But some day 3D took over and the games lost their spark. But the past couple of years the 2D point & click adventure genre had a huge come back, so J and I got back together for the sake of the good old times and our greatest (or most tiring) adventure began.... 

J is one of my besties. She is like the best partner to have around when playing adventure games. At least to me. We like totally complement each other, since we both quickly know what needs to be done, but find the most different ways to do it. So we rarely get stuck, since one of us will have another great (or most stupid) idea on how to achieve what we're trying to do. We brainstorm our way through them adventure games like it's a total piece of cake. Well, most of the time. ;>

But then again, we've been doing this stuff for at least 13 years now, so it's no wonder we work that well together. :>

Anyway, we haven't been able to game together for some years, since I was living in another city, she was busy with university stuff and I was busy with raising a child. But that's okay. Now we've got this huge backlog of games we are planning to finish off, a lot of stuff to look forward to. 8)

Three weeks ago we started with "Deponia", a new German point & click adventure by Daedelic - coincidentally a friend of ours is working for them, doing character animation, design and background art, which was the reason I started playing Daedelic games in the first place (because, come one, it's awesome to play games made by people you've personally known for years! <3) and while "The Whispered World" (here's the link to the German website as well) was a bit disappointing (mainly because the German dub wasn't that great - I shall try this in English again one day, never finished the German version) Deponia was pretty awesome all the way. The protagonist was amusing and likeable (sort of, since he's kind of a dick, but in a very likeable way.. I mean, seriously, I can't help but love characters who come up with their own theme  song and sing/hum it whenever they can... XD), the story was interesting, the dub was pretty well done, the music was fun and awesome, and the puzzles were neither too easy nor too hard. I won't go into detail on the story, as I believe experiencing adventure games while knowing as little as possible about them before  is the best way to play them! And Deponia is supposed to be released in English soon...ish. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes cartoons & adventure games!

It was a very fun ride for us and the start of the incredible relapse of our obsessive adventure game addiction.

Deponia Trailer
(Sorry, German only, no English trailer has been released yet ;__;)

BEWARE OF SPOILERS - Intermezzo song(s) of the German version.
(Spoilers are hidden in the lyrics, so you are fine if you have no idea about German! ;>)

"Hussa, es geht ums Prinzip!" XD

After we played through that in one night, we were craving for more.... Much more.

So we ended up at my place the next weekend again, this time playing "Edna & Harvey - The Breakout" ("Edna bricht aus", for the German people) and at around 10 in the morning we were done with that as well. 

English "Edna & Harvey - The Breakout" trailer

But there was still the second Harvey game left, so we met again last weekend to play that - this time another character, called Lilli, was the story's protagonist. While Edna was brave, bold and adventurous, Lilly is doing everything according to the rules, never daring to do anything bad. But in the end Harvey 2 is even bloodier, meaner and has an even darker humor than Harvey 1. We liked it, a lot. 8) 

We had a really good time with Harvey 2 and played til 8 in the morning again. But since that wasn't enough (again) and we didn't really have other plans for the weekend (*coughs*) we  started browsing through my steam library and continued on with "Puzzle Bots", a cute, short and quirky game about little robots trying to save their inventors. We were done with that in not even 2 hours, so we went on to "Kaptain Brawe" - later on that day (it was Saturday) some other friends of ours came over and since Kaptain Brawe is unvoiced, we decided to put it on hold and play the "Monkey Island 2" HD remake - since each of us had played the first one sooo many times and I had just completed it together with my son a couple of weeks ago, we decided to skip that and play 2 instead. Around 10 hours, dozens of beers and a bursting ashtray later we were almost done with that as well... it was Sunday morning around 10, we had  spent around 38 hours on playing point & click adventures and we were half dead. 

Gosh, that was one of the most awesome weekends I had lately. 8)

Next on our to play list:

And I'm especially excited about the soon to be released (June, in Germany) The Dark Eye (Pen & Paper) inspired "Chains of Satinav", once again a new game devoloped by Daedelic. I also can't wait for next Deponia game which is set for a Fall release... 8)

Inbetween all the gaming fests I've been also working on my own game and should soon be able to show some of the progress we made. :) Our artist is awesome, let me tell you!

And now I'm off to get drunk with my mum, since today's her birthday! <3

(I shall also post a few reviews soon(ish), as I should be done with some of the games I started to play in a bit.... unless I start playing a ton of other games before I finish them... ;>)

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