Pokemon Black & White 2's hairstyles..

... are seriously weird and very gravity defying.

The new main characters have been announced and with that the first "scans" started floating around the internet and I must admit... I'm quiet disappointed with the step back compared to the designs of B/W.


Whats's with those silly buns for the protag girl? And what kind of plant is growing on the boy's head!? oO And what's up with that blonde dude with that blue freaky strain of hair growing in whatever direction it feels like? Why is the obviously wet hair of the tanned duded standing up high like he emptied 3 cans of hairspray on it? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?


Sigh... I was hoping for a return of my sexy Hilda.. which is the unsexiest name ever, I must admit. But just look at her, shes a brunette, has tied up hair, wears short pants and honestly? She IS kinda hot. Something I thought I'd never think about a Pokemon MC.. ;>

And after the cut you can find some delicious fanart spamming... ;>


And since I'm a huge Hilda x N shipper.....

I've gotta admit tho, that I also wouldn't mind this scenario.... 8)

And this is just hot... SO DAMN HOT!

And now I'll go and drown myself in my own drool. Or not. Maybe I'll just prepare breakfast and do the laundry.. no wait, drowning myself in my drool sounds actually more fun than that. ;>

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  1. I'll grant you that the hairstyles are a bit weird, but they seem pretty par for the course for me. I actually like the girl's design -- even with her 'Mickey Mouse' hair :) I also like the tan, shirtless guy with the bell-bottom pants. Ha! Can't wait for this game to be released elsewhere. Hopefully this fall??