Keiji Inafune's otome game... in English!?

So, I heard about this before... Keiji Inafune in charge of designing an otome game. I saw the characters (art by the dude who did the art for the Ace Attorney series) and started to desperately hope for a localisation.

Now it totally took me by surprise when Aksys announced the game yesterday... just like that. Bam! In your face. Awesome. 


I'm especially excited since it's not just a straight VN otome game with your usual choices that define which ending you get, no... there's PUZZLES to solve!

And just look at this crazy cast of characters:

I totally want to date them all. Especially the glasses dude on the far left that totally reminds me of the crazy priest vampire hunter in Hellsing. Bwaha. I also really like the heroine's design. The thought of playing as Inafune's niece ist just... well, I think this game will make me grin a lot. 

Good thing it's coming no sooner than summer, hopefully I'll have all those other games finished by then. I'm 8 hours into the game, but I've skipped quite a bit of the story since I still remember it all quite well. But I'm at Kanji's introduction now and since he's my favourite character in the game I'll probably read & listen to a lot more of the dialogue now. 8)

Fire Emblem: Awakening also finally got an official EU release date yesterday: April 19th! 

Really can't wait for that game... any of you guys in the US playing it already? But you know, the good thing about getting a game a little later is that there's already lots of strategy guides and helpful hints out in the internet when you start playing. I really like to plan a little bit ahead when it comes to strategic games... I usually spent a couple of hours reading various forum discussions about various strategies about gameplay and what to be careful of early in the game. I also hate missing characters/quests/etc. Persona 4 is my personal hell of planning ahead in games. 

I actually printed out various lists and tables with information about social links and quests before starting to play thegame. Sometimes I think I should make strategy guide design my profession. I even modified my Ni no Kuni guide book a little to make it more efficent, haha. :>

So that's that. And now back to P4G. 

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  1. I think I may pick this up myself, as Hakuoki made me curious to play more VNs. Really wish this was being released physically, too, but I totally understand why it isn't.

    Oh, and as for Fire Emblem: Awakening: my copy *finally* arrived a couple of days ago and I'm going to give it a go tomorrow. First, though, I have to play some more Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime!