The Curse of the Typist's Cramp...

Or maybe we should call it a gamer's cramp in my case. Why is it even called a "typist's" cramp? I never get cramps from typing... writing with a pen, yeah, but typing? Anyway, got me an awful tenosynovitis (TSV) in my right wrist. This is nothing new for me, as I've had plenty in the past and I've got a splint at home in case I get another one anyway.. 

I didn't get one for quite a few years tho and this time it's from playing on the Vita. I already noticed the past couple of days that playing on the Vita for more than an hour or two would make my right thumb hurt a lot.  

And you know why?

Just because some awful idiot in the US thought that back whenever the PSOne came over to the West switching the confirmation button from O to X would be a greaaaat idea. WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK THAT?

I've been bothered by this for years, but now my annoyance has reached it's peak... as I've been playing a lot on the Vita lately I've noticed how extremely awkwardly your thumb is placed if you rest it on the X button. You have to either keep it in an extremely uncomfortable crooked position or rest it on the right stick as well... both of these methods start getting painful after a few minutes. .__.

Now if you try resting your thumb on the O button, which in general is the confirmation button in all Japanese developed games, you notice it's a lot more comfortable and natural:

I feel like writing a long letter to Sony in hopes they'll offer to reconfigure my O and X buttons input, so that O would be linked to X and X to O..  I wonder if they'd actually do it. I mean, I could probably do it myself and I will if Sony doesn't do anything as soon as my warranty expires... for now I'll take a break from P4G, which is sad, since I just beat the last boss and only got a month of in-game time left to wrap things up. ;_;

But oh well, in the mean time I'll just amuse myself (and maybe some of you as well?) with a probably NSFW screenshot collection of Personae resembling genitals and other dirty stuff that made me grin while playing Persona 4 Golden..  pretty much spoiler free.

Of course, if we're talking about penis shaped Personae, there's no way to not mention Mara...

Hell yeah, let's penetrate the darkness!

Yep, I can totally imagine something like that to emerge from my soul...

Why is it no longer weak to ice like in P3 tho? I mean, that's what penises are weak to, right? 

Soon after I got my hands on Mara.. ;) I went to my tutoring job, to start the Tower Social Link with Shu:

He's not that bad tho, he's just a lonely boy... right? And so I decide to spend more time with him...

This is just so wrong.... so wrong.... 

But seriously, this game makes me feel so dirty all the time. It drops so many hints and some of those Persona designs are just ridiculous... XD

 ...O-okay... oO

First it just looked like a weird alien was drawn on the stone... then I couldn't unsee the penis any more....

I can't wait to get back to the game... :>

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