Sometimes.. impatience does pay off!

Today I got this sudden urge of wanting Persona 4 Golden like RIGHT NOW! So I went to check Ebay.. and actually found some dude from Hamburg who'd been selling the US version, so I mailed him, we agreed to do the whole thing "out-of-ebay" and he said I could come over and get it immediately if I wanted to... and of course I wanted to! 

But I was pretty low on cash and paying with your credit card doesn't really work when you're not using Ebay or shopping in a real store. (unless you know someone with a credit card reader / charger, but err yeaaaah.......) Anyway.

So I called Dad to ask if he could lend me some moneys til next week and guess what he said.... 
"It's on the house." 

Technically I just got P4G ten days early (compared to the EU release) and for free.

Which means I can spend Valentine's Day with my most favourite game in the world. I also got me my favourite sweets and some of that Lipton Sparkling I'm so addicted to. 

Can't wait for the Weekend! *_*

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