[Spoilers] Being Human UK Season 01 & 02

Sooo... I recently heard about Being Human and decided to give it a go, since I dig that supernatural stuff so much. I tried to not expect too much, since vampires/werewolves tend to be not so very cool lately, but Being Human does them justice.

Season one focuses mainly on the personal problems of each of the three roommates. Annie, a ghost who can't be seen, heard or touched by normal humans, George, a werewolf who is trying to manage his monthly werewolf transformation so he won't harm others and Mitchell, the 100 something vampire who tries to deal with his blood addiction (quite unsuccessfully).

First season's main antagonist is Herrick, vampire overlord, Mitchell's creator and.. well, just a psycho.

So yeah, while Annie is trying to figure out why she's still on earth and George is too busy whining about being a werewolf once a month, Mitchell is by far the one with the worst shit to deal with. Herrick is trying to make a vampire army so the vampires can come out of hiding and rule the world, so Mitchell tries to stop him, but instead of TALKING TO HIS FRIENDS he goes all emo and tries to deal with all shit by himself, which totally has fail written on it in bright red, big letters.

Anyways. AND NOW IT GETS All SPOILERY, just so you're warned:

While George meets another werewolf called Tully and at first befriends him but then notices he's an asshole (and the one who scratched him, and hence turned him into a werewolf), Annie meets another ghost and together they find out she got killed by her oh so awesome fiance Owen, but since she is somehow able to be seen by other humans now, she decides to haunt him and teach him a lesson, but since he's a psychopath he's not very impressed by her horror show and she gets all depressed (I would have just stalked him everywhere and annoyed the hell out of him, but nooo, miss ghost just gets all whiny). Mitchell meanwhile has to deal with Lauren, a co-worker of him and George at the hospital, who he accidentally sucked dry and turned into a vampire when they where on a date. Lauren tries to get him back to sucking blood, but he refuses and she goes back to Herrick, but she sends him a DVD showing a human guy having sex with a vampire (or air, as vampire's do not show up on videos) and getting sucked dry afterwards, the roommates watch it together and are all shocked. (At that point I already decided that I'd be shipping Annie x Mitchell, so I was very anti-Lauren at first, but I started liking her a lot later on) Annie who failed to warn Owen's new girlfriend about his murder tendencies gets her revenge in the end since she tells him about vampires and werewolves and all the shit that's out there and he runs off to the police and ends up in the mental ward. Then Mitchell befriends a young boy who lives across the street and they hang out and are all cool, but his mom notices he's got reflection in her hand mirror and when he sends Bernie up to his room to get himself one of his Laurel & Hardy DVDs the boy ends up with the vampire sex DVD. His mother sees him watching it and that's the start of the great witch hunt... all neighbours think Mitchell is a pedo now and stuff gets really awkward for him and George. Bernie gets hit by a car in the end, because all adults are idiots, but Mitchell turns him into a vampire before he dies and his mother explains to everyone that she made a mistake when she accused him of being a pedo. The whole mess made Mitchell go all meh about humans and he goes back to being a bad vampire and joins Herrick and his gang again and helps recruiting vampire's. But he then meets an old ex gf of his at the hospital, she's quite old now and dying of cancer. He convinces Herrick to make her a vampire as well, but she declines the offer, as she finds it unnatural and doesn't want to become a monster. Mitchell realises that he's being dumb, but it's too late to jump off now - so Annie and George save the day and storm into the vampire lair, kick some serious ass and with Lauren's help they save Mitchell... Lauren asks him to stake her, since she can't live like he does but doesn't want to continue killing either, so that's the end of her. ;_; Oh yeah, and George starts dating a nurse called Nina. Anyways, Mitchell gets almost staked when Annie is trying to pass over, she decides to not go through her door and stays in the hospital until Mitchell gets better. Which he gets after drinking some blood offered by his dying ex gf.

Mitchell decides to have a final battle with Herrick, but George has other plans and wants to deal with Herrick himself, so he tells him that Mitchell wants to meet him somewhere else and he locks himself in with Herrick, since it's a full moon and all. Annie, Mitchell and Nina arrive just in time to witness everything and Nina gets scratched by George. End of season one.

Second season starts off with George getting beaten up by vampires all the time, since he killed their leader.. Mitchell is trying to run things for the vampires, since everything is fallen apart and he can't risk going all vampires on a rampage and nobody cleaning up their messes. George and Mitchell meet Ivan and Daisy, a vampire couple that has a past with Mitchell. George is getting all asshole'ish and starts cheating on Nina with Daisy, while Nina is keeping it a secret from him that she got scratched by him and they end up fighting and being total idiots... season two is all about things that nobody tells anyone because everyone just sucks so much. .__. It's pretty annoying how you know right away that everything will end in disaster as soon as one of the three (mostly Mitchell tho) is not telling the other's what's happening.

Well, Mitchell meets Lucy at the hospital, she's a doctor, he falls for her, but she's actually working for some grumpy old priest, who got his wife and daughter killed by vampires, so now he's all "gotta kill 'em all!" and totally deceives Lucy into the whole thing, by making her think he wants to help ghosts and werewolves. Nina breaks it off with George, since he is being all sucky and old grumpy priest aka Kemps (aka Owen's psychiatrist) approaches her and she takes part in his tests to stop the werewolf transformation (but she doesn't know that these tests already killed a couple of werewolves). Annie meanwhile starts working, since she can be seen by humans again and meets a seemingly nice and handsome dude called Saul, but he's actually a rapist psychpath and tries to rape her but she rent'a'ghosts on him and vanishes from his flat. His television then tells him to get drunk and drive his car, which ends up with him in critical condition at the hospital. Annie goes there but when Saul dies the radio turns on and a voice commands Saul to drag Annie with him through the door, but he can't pull it off and goes through alone in the end - but Annie becomes invisible to humans again. Mitchell has shitloads to deal with the vampires and becomes their king, while George gets a new job and a girlfriend with a child. He becomes all weird and decides to move together with them as a family, but at a parent-teacher night his transformation kicks in, because he forgot to set his watch to summertime and as he runs out of the school, he comes across his girlfriend's daughter who sees him half transformed and it scares the shit out of her so the next time she sees him in their flat she starts screaming like crazy and George leaves them again. Annie does some ghost babysitting and Mitchell ends up killing a corrupt police dude... smeared with blood he runs off to Lucy's place and she tells him she knows about vampires, after he confessed what he is to her. He's not AT ALL suspicious about it and stays with her while she tries to stake him in his sleep, as Kemp has ordered her to do, but she can't bring herself to it. Instead she makes Mitchell promise to cut all ties with the vampires and he schedules a meeting, of course he tells Lucy when and where they're gonna meet and Kemp sets up a bomb which kills most of the vampires (Daisy survives, but Ivan gets killed protecting Mitchell). Mitchell goes all hatey again and kills 20 people on a train together with Daisy. Annie is meanwhile helping a psychic show artist to get in touch with ghosts again and gets a chance to talk to her mum. Nina visits George and tries to convince him to go to Kemp's lab with her, he agrees in the end and Annie goes with them, to make Kemp help her move on, since she no longer wants to stay a ghost. George realises what's going on in the lab, since Tully left a dying message there, Kemp gets all insane and kills this ghost hearing dude who was working for him and his ghost and Annie get thrown into the door. Mitchell almost kills Lucy, but doesn't in the end and Nina, George and Mitchell flee into a cottage somewhere out of town. Lucy gets there and wants to apologise, but suddenly Kemp appears there as well and kills her, before he gets a chance to kill the others, Annie grabs him from a door and takes him with her. She then appears on a TV, trying to get the other's to notice her, as it's not awesome at all where she is. Season two ends with Daisy and Cara, a chick that worked at the hospital and got turned into a vamp by Herrick, performing a ritual to revive Herrick, which they succeed in.

Season 3 is by far my favourite but I also hate it a lot. I might write about it tomorrow, if I find the time. I might also add a few screencaps next time. Maybe. XD

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