PS Vita Background Images

I made some PS Vita background / lockscreen images, which everyone can freely use. <3

I haven't tested any of them yet, but they should work just fine. ;>

Images after the break. 

On other news: Devil Survivor 2 has been leaked and the impatient me (okay, actually I'm just desperate for some other games besides Corpse Party, right now I'm not very much in a running away mood... XD) decided to not wait for my import copy to arrive... It's probably one of those games I'll never release from the shrink wrap as I'm already done with it by the time my copy of the game arrives. :>

I might post a little about it later. For now I can say, that Daichi is an annoying bestie. And a wuss. What's with all the wusses in Japanese media all the time? That dude from Mirai Nikki (I already blocked his name from my memory) is by far the worst I've seen in anime lately... I dropped the series after 5 episodes.. can't bear to watch that idiot whine. Which is a pity since the series has such a nice concept.. :(

Oh well, now on to the bckground images:

(Persona 3 / Persona 4 / Other Works)





  1. Those are looking great.
    So you liked Durarara too, I take it? ;D

    And OMG Call of Duty Anime Drawings? What has the world come to..

    1. I loooooooove Durarara! And Baccano, which had a far more satisfying ending. I wish there'd be another season of Durarara... ;_;

    2. Yeah, Baccano was great too. :D
      Another season of Durarara? Certainly would be interesting, so many likeable characters in it. :D

      The anime uses light novel as basis, do you know which issues it covers? Maybe someone will pick the light novels up, haruhi does get released in english.. even tough thats the only light novel series I know getting published here. Maybe they also continue it in the future. Who knows, it would be possible, after all, the light novel series isn't finished eather. ^^