Useful PS Vita Links

Just a quick list of links that might be useful to PS Vita owners or those that intend to buy one in the future. :>

Short descriptions of some useful functions of the Vita like taking screenshots (Note that this doesn't work with (all?) PSP games as they can't be watermarked) and changing settings for PSP games etc.

The PS Vita section of GBAtemp, my favourite forum. Since members there are usually helpful and lots of questions have already been asked and answered there, I think this might be helpful to get some more info and it's a nice community in general. :)

The official manual page for the Content Manager, which also has the link for the DL - when I manually entered it the page wouldn't load, so I had to go to this page first to start the DL. 

Short simple tutorial for Remote Play.

Good review about the Vita with lots of information. :)

Hope these will prove useful to anyone. ;>

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