PS Vita - First Impressions

Since there's not really anything besides a total waste of paper and the charger / usb cable inside the Vita's box I won't take any unboxing pictures... this was seriously the most disappointing unboxing I ever did. The Vita itself tho, is not disappointing at all.. <3

The Samsung OLED screen is bright and sharp and the colours look awesome. Browsing through the menus on the Vita is very intuitive and fun. It's relatively simple to figure out how to do stuff. For example, pressing on the front screen for a bit enters the menu editing mode where you can change the backgrounds or sort your apps and games. Sorting you do with pressing on the icon for a bit and then sliding them around, if you tap on them it opens the options (delete and/or information in most cases).

Navigating through the Vita's PSN store is rather annoying tho... there's no option to sort by genre (yet, I hope.) and browsing through all PSP games is a little annoying. There's also no option to sort stuff by price or list stuff that's on sale. I really hope the store will get a little more organised... :/ (I have no idea how the store looked on PSP, I can only compare it to the PS3 store, which is way cooler.)

Something else that's bothering me is that some PSP games aren't yet available for the Vita on the EU stores. Like Corpse Party. Which was one of the games announced as compatible for the Vita in the US at launch. Is there a difference between the US and EU version of the game? I'd really like to use my 20 Euro PSN code to get it, but first I'd like to find out if the EU version can be played on the Vita at all.. if anybody owns that and a Vita, would love to get some input on that. ;>

Uh yeah well, I didn't do much with the Vita yet.. tried the demo of Little Deviants, totally not my kind of thing. I also downloaded the Dungeon Hunter: Alliance demo, but didn't get much further than selecting a Mage and then realising that I have to restart the Vita for the rear touchpad to work..

But all in all, it's shiny and awesome and I am pretty sure that there's gonna be a bunch of gamese that will rock in the next few years. <3

Right now I am very much looking forward to Persona 4 The Golden and Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die, if that's gonna be released for the Vita as well, as the leaky news of it getting localised by Aksys only go for the 3DS version.

And now I'll go back to fiddling around with the Vita some more and watch some Fringe, I finally started watching it yesterday and I love it. It's like X-Files, just with less aliens and more mad doctors instead. XD


  1. Corpse Party actually works on the vita.
    Problem is, it isn't really explained how you have to install it on the vita.

    You have to download it on your PS3, your PS3 must be logged in with the same user as the PS Vita, then you select it as if you would want to install Corpse Party but DON'T CLICK on install on your PSP System. Then you plug your PS Vita in to the PS3 and the PS3 will show a screen, telling you that you should open the Content Manager on the Vita.

    From there you can install Corpse Party to your shiny Vita and play the good game. :) There is a way to bring up the option screen while playing PSP Games where you can activate bilinear filtering to make the picture a bit less pixelated.

    Really, there are things that are unnecessary hard to do on the vita. For instance, try opening the content manager and connecting to your PS3 when you are not on that install screen, it won't work. But no one tells you how to do it. ^^'

    Aside from that, the Vita is great. Touch my Katamari is fun too. ^^

    1. Hah, I can access it from the Vita's PSN store now, seems like they added it last night! :D

      Buut it's good to know how you'd install it if it's not available in the store! Since I have no PS3 I'd have to use my PC, but that should work as well, right? Thanks for all the info! <3 And thanks for commenting here again, comments fill my heart with joy and all.. XD

      Uh, I'm a little excited now that I can play Corpse Party.. *_*

      I totally want to play TMK as well, but that has to wait until next month, as I'm completely broke now.. XD Feel free to add me to your Vita's friends list btw, if you'd like (my US acc is jyun-san and my DE account is mylksi, will be using the US one mainly, as soon as I get another memcard...those thingies are so horribly expensive.. ;__; but for now I'm only using the DE acc ;>)!

  2. So it works with the PC too? ^^ Thats nice of them and here I tought they force the userbase to buy PS3 xD

    Corpse Party is a great game, really. :D You didn't have a PSP before? Because then you have lots of great games lying arround for you to play on Vita ^^ If you like RPGs you should give Zettai Hero Project, Trails in the Sky and Tactic Ogre a spin for sure. And since you don't have a PS3 I would also try out "Valkyrie Chronicles 2". Its inferior to Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 but still a good game with exceptional good graphics for a PSP game and a really nice Spin on Tactical RPGs that shouldn't be missed.

    If you want to buy US PSN Cards, you can do that on www.play-asia.com :) they have an option to send it to you via email.

    I will add you. My CH PSN is Cudgeon and my US PSN is Cudgeon US I think.. ^^' but probably won't be using it before I get a second memory card. ^^ Will also wait for a price drop xD

    Is TMK your first Katamari game, or did you play the PS2 game already? :D If its the first, it surely will be a blast. :D It also has a 10 € code for Ridge Racer in it. Thats way better than online passes :D

  3. Oh and just on a completely unrelated sidenote, do you by any chance watch Game Center CX?
    If not, do you like Retro Games? Yes? And I'm sure you want to see a middle aged japanese man that isn't very good at gaming trying to beat notoriously hard NES Games?
    Then you should watch it! :D
    Even the unlikeable military nerds over at somethingawful that usually hate everything japanese like it. ;)

    Game Center CX is really amazing and has an even more amazing DS Game. :D Two actually but only one translated. :C

    And on another note, that is completely off the previous topic, I wanted to add that the music in TMK is top notch. ;) I'm normally more of all things punk or metal but whacky japanese pop really suits the game. :)

  4. Me again.

    Seriously, talking to my self all the time, what is wrong with me? ^^
    But I've gotten Shinobido today and had a 10 € coupon for TMK in it, if you want to buy it digital.

    And you can also watch GCX on youtube, if you don't want to download the torrents.

    So long ^^

    1. Oh, you aren't really talking to yourself, I sent you a message via the Vita actually. XD

      I'll check out GCX, sounds awesome.. didn't know about the show before, only heard of the games.

      TMK has trophies, right? I'd love to save some money on it, but I want to play it on my US account and I kinda want to have a physical copy of the game anyways, so yeah... thanks for the offer tho, totally appreciate it! <3